Monday, 8 April 2013

Lipstick Favourites

I always love to try and wear a lippy. It just livens your face up and gives a bit of a twirk to your outfit and makeup of the day! I'm not really an expensive lipstick sort of girl, I dont spend a ridiculous amount of money on high end lipsticks. I prefer my drug store cheapies!

My favourite favourite favourite ones are of course my Mac and Barry M because their colours are great! They are instantly very visible and dont require more than 1-2 coats to get a visible colour, where as many lipsticks I have bought before are less visible, takes more coats to build more of a visible colour and they can just look more like a sheery tinted gloss.

With flash.

Without flash.

1. I have no idea what the first lipstick is called, nor the brand! As it's an old one and the labels have came off, but I absolutely love the lipstick, everyone needs a red in their collection! If you do happen to know which brand it is by the shape etc, I would love to know.

2. This is my favourite one out of all of them, every since purple lipsticks have been in I have always wanted one, especially a dark one but I am so scared to try one. I stumbled across this one when in Mac and fell in love straight away, it also has a glossy finish which is perfect! Mac - Asian flower.

3. Have always loved orange lipsticks, even back in my younger days! Especially love this Barry M, this isn't as visible on as the others but it's still a lovely colour and leaves a glossy finish. The sticker has also come off this one but it's either a 54 or 53. Barry M - 54 or 53.

4. Again... I am unsure on the name as the label once again has came off, my apologise I am rubbish at looking after things and keeping them presentable and tidy! On the website the most similar colour is the Showcase lipstick. This lipstick is more of a dark deep pink which is lovely colour. I prefer it without a gloss over the top as it looks so much more nicer with a matte finish. 17 - Showcase.

5. Last but not least, is another orange from the amazing Mac, this was my first Mac lipstick! This is brighter than the Barry M one and is definitely more visible, this would need a gloss finish to tone it down as the lips can look to matte and can look a little barbie like. Mac - Morange.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Recent purchases

Absolutely love my new belongings! Been looking for a new day to day bag and a new clutch for ages and picked up both from Matalan about a week ago. £10 for the tanned handbag and £8 for the coral clutch, bargain I say! I've also been on the hunt for a skater skirt. I saw this pinkish looking one in Topshop a few weeks ago and recently saw it on Ebay for £16.99 buy it now and instantly had to get it. The floral shorts were an unexpected item as I weren't to keen on them at first, but after trying them on i grew to love them and they are also from Topshop x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Topshop cardi!

Absolutely distraught to the fact I was outbid on this gorgeous cardigan on ebay! Really, really wanted it aswell, fell in love straight away :( & they no longer sell it in Topshop. So if you know where I can find this again or similar please tell me! I'm in desperate need of this cardi, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lazy, lazy, lazy me

Oh god! I've only just woke up from last night, such a good night though. Currently watching Take Me Out and waiting for the boyfriend to get a shimmy on so I can start to get ready because he's treating me to the cinema tonight the cutie!

Ugh desperately craving a mahooosive bag of chilli doritos yum yum! Also so annoyed that it's impossible to find a peanut butter kitkat anywhere. GET MAKING MORE NESTLE!

Keep coming across the American Appeal disco pants which I absolutely LOVE and want now now now! But definitely in need of loosing a few pounds (ooops stone) before I can look half decent in a pair of these, heard there so comfy and they look almost good with anything!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Nail art

Today I decided to do a post on nail art, as this is what I do throughout the week at college. I'm shit at drawing to be fair, so I find it incredibly hard to use the nail art pens although i've bought millions of them! But these are things I enjoy playing around with during a nail art lesson. What nail art do you prefer?

Diamonds and Bows

Acrylic Glitters
Fimo canes

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Since I can remember i've had a little obsession of bookmarking everything I like and convince myself i'll get round to buying the items but I never seem to. Today i've deleted them all and started fresh, and will hopefully get round to actually buying these! This is now my weekly wishlist. Which item do you like best? What's in your weekly wishlist?

Aztec Latino Suntop £26 - Topshop
Nike Racquette Mid-Leather £28.95 - Nike Store
Orange Embellished Cross Ring £8.50 - Miss Selfridge
Burnt Orange Super Skinny Jeans £40 - River Island
Coral Tie Front Dress £35 - Miss Selfridge
Black Feather Bead Triangle Earrings £14 - Miss Selfridge
Gold Chains Cuff £12.50 - Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 19 February 2012